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A Little Hello to Start

So this blog is the beloved brainchild of myself, Jamie, and my human, Richard. Between myself, my fiancé, and our cat we combine our endlessly sophisticated palettes (*note the hint of sarcasm*) to create dishes to share with the world!

Okay, but real talk: I love cooking and do it all the time; in fact, we constantly have people over for dinners, and I’m always being asked what or how I made whatever I’ve made. So, I decided why not start a cooking blog?! Sure, no one may ever read this thing, but I could wind up amassing a following, so why not give it a shot?! I mean, what’s there to lose? Nothing, except maybe time (that I would’ve spent cooking anyway)!

So, this blog will have recipes and basic instructions for a variety of recipes, ranging from entrees to desserts, pork to pastries. I hope you enjoy, whoever you are, dear reader!

– J.