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Le Creuset’s Mini Cocettes – Worth It?

So Le Creuset makes these mini cocettes — they are basically mini dutch ovens. Talk about an ADORABLE way to serve a meal, huh!?

They come in both ceramic or wrought iron (the ceramic is MUCH cheaper) — I have the ceramic. One of the greatest things is that these are “bakeware to serveware” — they’re both oven-safe and can be used to serve your food (so plate safe, obviously when cooled). We have them in a lovely shade of purple, though when I looked on Le Creuset’s site our shade was no longer listed: cassis. Below are some of the really fun and vibrant shades they offer, all of which would look lovely on your dining table!


Ours are this deep shade of purple, which you can still find on third-party sites. 

I often use these handy little guys when we want to feel fancy, or in the fall and winter to make delicious comfort food. Some favorite recipes I use with these are:

As you can see, pot pies in these babies is a big hit. I also like to do any kind of pasta bake — see previous blog post — in these little guys if a heightened presentation is desired for the meal.

The Downside: They are smaller and therefore the portions are smaller. While I’m all for a healthy serving size, if I know one of our bigger eater friends are coming for dinner, I’d opt for a full size dutch oven for whatever I’m making. These little guys are just that: little. They’re perfect if you plan to serve one of the above recipes with sides, but alone the serving might be a bit small.

Overall, I would highly, HIGHLY recommend these IF you have the cabinet space and are into presentation (sometimes) as we are at my house!

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